Augmented Reality and Phygital Learning Experiences!

Spacial computing experiences for the modern creative economy

5DInteractive can work
with you on

  • Your AR or Mixed Reality Enterprise Strategy
  • Services such as photogrammetry, AR Plugin and more
  • AR and Mixed Reality Content Development
  • AR Based Learning Solutions
  • Training Workshop about AR for your team
  • Virtual Models

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Work with us on

Phygital Learning - Culture, Training and Simulations

Reimagine and Redesign learning materials to deliver outcomes that matter the most!

Phygital and 360 Experiences

Creative experiences  that integrate the cloud, spatial audio and video, physical environments and more!

Art Shows Installations

Discover Art in Augmented Reality

The New World of Events

Redesign your event, showcase products, network and curate content for augmented reality and more.

New Skills

Learn AR, Build Skills that matter.