The Emerging World and 5Dinteractive

Experience new learning, entertainment, culture, health and work in a fundamentally different way.

Engage with unique phygital experiences and much more

Learn the skills of the creative economy and be a part of the green jobs revolution

Photogrammetry, Digital Humans, Performance Capture, Volumetric Capture are simply not technology buzzwords for the sake of it. Find out how they can help your business in a meaningful way

The Cloud and AI First Future

Our world is increasingly digital and virtual!

Virtual work gives flexibility and helps people work from anywhere. How do you build relationships and trust in a world that is so virtual? Remote enablement is multi-faceted…
How do we keep students engaged through virtual classes? Skills-based courses have a far more significant challenge. Teaching skills based on physical activities such as carpentry, plumbing, design, drawing, learning a new instrument are challenging through zoom classes.

Remote enablement and building a new culture

The answers to many of these conundrums lie in technology and enabling tools too. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud solutions, internet of things are not merely buzzwords but an essential aspect of the new businesses of the future An essential part of today and tomorrows technologies will be cloud-based infrastructure. For instance

  • If the office or educational institution is closed or is going to operate in a mixed-mode, then the technology model will adapt to offer business or learning applications wherever the user may be. What should replace classroom style teaching? Is there a better way of making learning digital, engaging and not so tedious. Companies can ensure that they continue to deliver relevant, world-class training by choosing the right learning platforms.
  • If a business professional cannot fly to meet clients or if a student needs to learn skills that were taught in only classroom mode, the cloud will offer an opportunity to rethink the approach.
  • The cloud will help build new experiences for the business through applications like product catalogues that can be connected to CRM systems, ship a music instrument to a student who wants to learn and this is in turn connected via the cloud to the learning management system of the educational institution.

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