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Augmented reality opens up a unique world of experiences. There are so many solutions that are possible in retail, travel and hospitality, marketing, education and more.

On the other hand, WordPress is a flexible open-source platform on which a large number of websites are built. We have created a large number of digital experiences on this platform as well.

WEBAR for WordPress is a plugin that we developed for a learning assignment of a client. You can explore and take the first step towards augmented reality experiences by merely integrating it into a WordPress based site.

The Plugin

The USDZ file format is at the heart of the Apple augmented reality standards. This plugin, when activated in your WordPress site, will help any user with an Apple device to see the USDZ based experience you have created.

The plugin currently supports USDZ formats, and we will implement other formats too. If you have any specific format requirement or if you want help in creating AR experiences, please do write in to us. The primary contributor to the plugin is Manoj Kumar.

To download the plugin, click here

To Install, please follow the following instructions:

1. Activate the plugin by clicking “Activate” (as shown in image below)

2. After activation you will get a block in your WordPress Gutenberg Editor (as shown in image below)

3. Click on the WebAR button. It will create a panel as shown below

4. Upload your Apple AR (USDZ) file and placeholder image in your media section.

5. If for some reason you are not able to upload the USDZ file in media due to server restrictions. Please host it somewhere or upload via your favourite FTP client.

6. Copy the URL of USDZ file and paste it in 1st input box.

7. Paste the image URL in 2nd input box. Also specify width and height in pixels in 3rd and 4th input box respectively (don’t forgot to add px like 400px).

8. Save your post and check the same on frontend.

9. Open the post in your iPhone to experience the WebAR.

If you don’t have USDZ file ready with you, try using the following sample files:

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