ZoomOSC Commands and Syntax with Bitfocus Companion

As mentioned in the previous posts written, in this we will focus on how the ZoomOSC commands work and how we can use them with Bitfocus Companion or and other OSC. 

All ZoomOSC commands or OSC path start with /Zoom and followed by command syntax. like /Zoom/***/*** <space> “parameter”

There are 3 types of commands in Zoom OSC – User, Global and Output. Each of these are mentioned below:

User Commands

As name suggests these commands require a target, this can be user or a group. In these commands we have to specify a target type like:

/zoom/userName/*** “String”  – For User Name
/zoom/targetID/*** Integer – For Target ID
/zoom/galIndex/*** Integer – For Gallery Index
/zoom/zoomID/*** Integer – For Zoom ID
/zoom/me/*** – For Passing self as a target 

Most of the time we will use userName in the simple meeting or webinars 

Some of the most commonly used user commands are: 

Set Gallery View
/zoom/userName/setGalleryView “Manoj Kumar”

Set Speaker View
/zoom/userName/setSpeakerView “Manoj Kumar”

Pin a Participant
/zoom/userName/pin “Manoj Kumar”

Remove pin from a participant
/zoom/userName/unPin “Manoj Kumar”

Replace current spotlight to new participant
/zoom/userName/spot “Manoj Kumar”

Remove a spotlight from a participant
/zoom/userName/unSpot “Manoj Kumar” 

Request to turn-on participant Video
/zoom/userName/videoOn “Manoj Kumar” 

To Turn-off participant video
/zoom/userName/videoOff “Manoj Kumar” 

Toggle participant video on or off
/zoom/userName/toggleVideo “Manoj Kumar” 

Mute participant mic
/zoom/userName/mute “Manoj Kumar” 

Unmute participant mic
/zoom/userName/unMute “Manoj Kumar”

Global Commands 

These commands are not specific to a user or target instead these will apply to all in a meeting. 

Some most used are:

Clear all spotlights from meeting

Clear all Pins from screen

Lower All Raised Hands

Output commands

Output commands are the commands that retrieves event information from a meeting and further used to trigger some action bases the information received. These are the OSC messages received from ZoomOSC. Like when a subscribed participant raised a hand or lower hand, turn on or off video etc. 

A very good tutorial by ZoomOSC has been available on YouTube for the output commands 

These commands listed above will give a fair bit of idea that how you can customise the Bitfocus Companion buttons as per your meeting needs. There is a complete help document for all commands that you can download form the ZoomOSC website and refer to.

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